Mikes New Car / Новая машина Майка

Категория: Фильм
Год: 2002
Cтрана: США
Жанр: Семейное, Фэнтези, Короткометражка, Мультфильмы
В ролях: Billy Crystal. John Goodman
Режиссер: Pete Docter, Roger Gould
Возраст: 0+
Качество видео и звука:DVD-Rip (DVDRip)
Описание: Mike has a surprise for his pal Sullivan: Mike's gotten a new car, one with six-wheel drive. He invites Sullivan to hop in and they'll go for a spin. At that point, problems arise: first Sullivan's cramped, then Mike has a seat belt problem, gets locked out, and suffers indignities before Sullivan figures out how to unlock the car to let him back in. All sorts of gadgets misfire, until finally Mike has the car in gear, ready to roll. What was it again that was wrong with his old car?